Monday, June 4, 2012

A New House Guest

This is Espresso.  She says Hi.

I picked her up at the agility trial on Sunday, and she is staying until Friday.  On Friday, I'm driving to the Sacramento area for Dogstock.  Dogstock is a gathering of IPO people (and their dogs) and a lot of IPO helpers, and you pick the helper you want to work your dogs.  So your dog gets exposed to new helpers and maybe new ideas, and you get to watch a lot of dogs work, and then there is a tournament on Saturday night.  Not quite sure what goes on for Sunday.  I heard about Espresso trying to get north to her new home, and since I was heading that way, it worked out that she would come with me. 

She is 12 years old, and quite a sweet, well behaved girl.  A lot like Pie.  But older.  I think I've had a glimpse into the future with Espresso.  She is Pie in another 6 years!  She has a few quirks, like she wants to bury her food rather than eat it, and if she finds a bone in the house, she noses it around until she can put that under something too.  She's been no trouble, and I'm very happy someone is opening their home to this old lady.

I didn't tell my landlady (who lives next door) about her.  I'm just passing her off as Pie, not putting the 2 of  them out together!  If people (some of them dog people!) can't tell Pie and Dottie apart when they are not standing next to each other, I'm confident I can get away with this deception as well.  Plus, it is only for a few days.

I haven't gotten any cute pictures of her.  She seems to be one of those dogs who doesn't like the camera, and she looks afraid in all the pictures I got.  I stole the above pictures off Facebook.

Pie on the left and Espresso on the right.  I'm hoping to buy a dual reclining sofa (my current- very old- loveseat is not big enough for all the dogs) but in the meantime I have dual reclining Malinois!

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