Monday, June 4, 2012

Pasadena Kennel Club Agility Report

Fancy- QQ. I did a serp in jumpers where no one else had yet attempted one.  I was the last 16 inch dog to go, and all the 20 inchers were watching while waiting to walk.  We got a good amount of  applause for our run, which is unusual since our runs are usually not particularly noteworthy.  I think they are great, of course, but I am biased.  I watched the 20 inch class and a lot of people tried our move!  I set a trend.  It worked for some teams and not for others.

Pie- Double NQ.  Refused weaves in standard, then bar in jumpers.  I was saddened by the weave refusal.  Not because she chose not to do them, but because I was worried it was a sign her agility career was over.  I did not make her go back and do them, because if she is refusing them, it is probably because her back does not want her weaving.  In jumpers I told her weave and she made the entry as she had in standard, glanced at me, and then kept weaving.    I walked next to her, encouraging her to go slow if she wanted to.  Maybe we have a few runs left in our career.  If weaving does become not fun for her, I'll let her run jumpers in USDAA- no weaves!

Dottie- Double NQ.  One bar in each run.  After running 9 runs last weekend at 26 inches, and only knocking 1 bar when I called her over the jump, how did she knock 2 bars in 2 runs?  However, even though it was NQs and I was a bit mystified as to the reason for the bars, I was VERY pleased with our teamwork, and Dottie's "I'm trying hard" attitude.

A very good friend who I haven't seen since I lived in the house in the boonies (2 years?) heard I was going to be at the park and came to watch us!  Always great to catch up with old friends.

Fancy-  Not entered.

Pie- QQ.  Number 14 I think.  She did both sets of weaves, again with me walking next to her.  I'd say the vet's prediction that we "would not be very competitive" has finally come true.  Pie was never "World Team" fast, but at the local level most of her runs were placements and most of those placements were first or second.  But she has slowed down, and especially with me telling her to go slow in the weaves, those are very slow (for her.)  Anyone who has been doing agility for any length of time can tell you that anytime you and your dog are both healthy enough to run is a good day.  Pie is so fun to run and she loves it so much- placements and being "competitive" is fun, but our time for that is past.  Now it is about Pie getting to run as long as she is enjoying herself and not getting injured.

 Dottie- again 1 bar in standard, but clean in jumpers!  (Still can't break the curse of Qing in standard though.  Darn!)  Again, even though it was hot, Dottie kept her mind on the task, and seemed to care about running agility.  I think that perhaps a little bit of mental maturity has helped, and that I realized she needs emotional support before, during and after our run.  She needs to feel powerful and excited before hand, correct during the run (even if she is not) and fawned over afterwards.  Of course I have always tried to do these things, but I needed to step it up a notch or 2.  Hoping her new positive attitude continues.

Dottie's runs are below.

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