Tuesday, June 19, 2012

San Diego Dog Beach

It was worth the trip for this alone!

Everyone ran a lot!
See?  Lots of running!

And some kicking like a mule?  Kinda strange.
We used the river portion.  Some of the other patrons.
More running.
Yes, and more.
Ok, and even more.
Dottie was extra hyper.  Not sure why.
Fancy always rolls around when she is wet.
Dottie practicing her sea moster form.
Pie going out after the ball.
Eagerly awaiting the ball.  I didn't bring one, but they found it floating in the river.
Remember when her nose used to be pink?  Too much sand, I think.

Is this my good side?
Staggered start after the ball, for a picture purpose.
Pie with drool nose, taking beachizing seriously.

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