Friday, June 29, 2012


I bought a new car, and now I'm trying to buy a house!  You will know from my previous posts I haven't had much luck on this previously, and I don't expect this time to be different.  (Being realistic, not pessimistic.)  I found a house that is 2 houses on a 1/2 acre with a great spot for an agility yard.  Live in one house and rent the other and for what they are asking, my side of the mortgage will be low, so I'll save lots for future unexpected repairs.  AND, I can still cover the entire mortgage on my own if for some reason the other house won't rent (it will, no issue with that around here.)  I know there are already 4 other people trying to get pre-approved- everyone has to go through 1 lender, not sure why.  I'm sending all my documents in right now.  I actually don't know how much I'll get approved for. 

This would be a good house for me, but I shouldn't get my hopes up.  2 days on the market and 4 people wanting to make an offer.  Probably more cash buyers too.  But I can't help not getting my hopes up.  I'm going to see it tomorrow afternoon, after Dottie's FH (advanced IPO tracking) attempt.  Which is in Landcaster- the desert- in the heat.  I've said what happens to scent in the heat, right?  Just like water, it evaporates... since the track has to age 3 hrs, what was I thinking?  If anyone can do it- Dottie can.  Fancy and Pie are trying for IPO 2 Tracking.  Hmmm- is all I have to say about those 2.

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