Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Obedience Day 2

Dottie earned her CDX on Day 2 of the Bahia Del Sur Kennel Club in San Diego.  She had a score of 195, missing first place by .5.  Her heeling could have been more attentive, and we lost points due to a slow drop.  I have to figure out how to speed her drop up, without making her show pressure.  Right now when I say "down" her ears stay up the entire time.  (PS- That is good.)  I'm not too worried about it, but it was a point loss we could do without.  Her fronts and finishes were pretty straight.  Over all a good girl!

Pie refused the drop signal in utility.  This is her most common failure.  Pretty frustrating.  Then she was clean in Open B, but sad.  The judge combined open A and B groups, so I'd have to get a handler for one of my dogs for the groups.  My dogs aren't going to listen to anyone else for the groups, so even though some other competitors nicely offered, I declined and pulled Pie from the groups.  So once again no UDX leg for us.

I suppose I'm not ready yet to write about my decision regarding Pie's continued (or not) obedience career.  Some other day.  For now, we'll focus on Dottie CDX AX MXJ IPO3!

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