Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

I still don't have the time to give Christmas the time it deserves, so this post will be re-visted again later. As my mom said, this was one of the Best Christmases Ever! (We are so lucky that we get these a lot!)

One of my friends had a dog Christmas Miracle. She has a 10 year old flat-coat, which is sadly, due to their affinity for cancer, almost a miracle itself. Kirby still competes in agility as well as also still being alive. She missed her last 2 classes due to a mass being found on her spleen. She had her spleen removed and since she has a family history of hermagiosarcoma, her owner was certain cancer had caught her at last. Her hope was it was less aggressive and more treatable. Well, the biopsy results came back, and the mass was benign! A 10 year old flat-coat with a mass, and it isn't cancer! Merry Christmas Kirby!

We can only hope the news is as good for her elderly ex-racing greyhound who is also having some health issues.

Happy New Year to everyone. Stay safe out there.

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