Saturday, December 3, 2011

Practice (Obedience) Photos

From sometime during the past week practicing groups on my lunch break. Fancy was excused because 1) she doesn't show any more and 2) I didn't come prepared and didn't have treats for a job well done. Fancy usually participates, but due to the lack of treats I excused her.

On Wednesday during my student's private lesson my dogs always get treats from their "Auntie" which makes the beginning and end of the practice group difficult because my dogs maul her. Apparently when their Auntie is around all training goes out the window. Kind of like if cash was raining from the sky and my boss told me to stay at my desk to answer the phone. (He probably would, too. And I would probably do as I was told since the alternate would be to get fired. My dogs don't get fired for mauling their Auntie and ignoring me. They just get more treats.)

This is the inside area where I teach my class. Except no one showed up this week. I didn't mind, I took my dogs for a walk instead. This photo makes the area look big. The wood part is actually a wood wall. The blue floor is the only floor space.

Not an obedience practice photo...

Last one for the day. Pie looking rather uncomfortable. But her head falls off the beds frequently so perhaps she prefers it that way.

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