Saturday, December 24, 2011


I've spent the better part of the month making Christmas cookies. Or at least it feels like that. A double batch for the family, a batch for older sister, mailed off with her present, and a batch for K.

First order of business was to keep the dogs entertained.

Pie and her wubba snowman. First the legs got gnawed off. Then the nose went, and finally the hat.

Dottie was given a small toy. But it kept her amused for a little while.

My only work surface. The downside of a small kitchen.

The washing machine was the work area for making the icing.

Figures Dottie got flour on her face.

Cookies cut out.

Very messy, but a close look at the cookies show they were worth it!

The dogs help with the clean up.

So far the cookies have been a hit, so the toil has been worth it. I have one more batch to make in case ffluffy and I want Christmas cookies at the trial before New Years.

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