Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Shopping

No cute dog pictures to post today. Just the report that I've been doing most of my Christmas shopping online. It is easy and I can find what I want. When I go into stores, they either don't have what is on my list, or maybe it is there but I can't find it and I can't get someone to help me. So online shopping is the way to go. Plus, I can be shopping at 11 pm (when I really should be sleeping.) But since I'm working during the day (as most people are) then when I get off work I need to train dogs or walk them before it gets dark, when else am I supposed to shop? Maybe on the weekends. This weekend I have a combo agility/ obedience trial AND it is our dog club Christmas party after the trial... That shopping I actually did in the Pet Smart store- at 8:45 after agility in the evening and I was the last customer in the store. As soon as I left they locked the doors behind me!

At the party the dogs will pick their own gifts out of a pile. I wanted all 3 of my girls to get to pick a gift so of course I had to buy 3 gifts. I already wrapped them and to make it more exciting I warped each one differently and put one in a wine bottle sack, one in a gift bag, and just wrapped one normal. That way people won't know their dog is picking something that is identical to my other gifts. Yes, I probably put too much thought and effort into it.

While online shopping, I was also cooking chocolate chip cookies for the dog party. To make them more festive I put candy snowflakes and blue sprinkles on some, candy holly berries and leafs on others, and m and ms on the rest. And I backed some extra to take to my parent's this weekend as a bribe. A bribe for things to come- always good to stock up on future bribes.

There was some talk of my work making me come in this weekend to supervise some contractors. Don't they know 1) It is Dottie's first CDX try? 2) It is a combo agility/ obedience trial and Pie is all excited about agility so she tends to do really well in obedience and these type of trials hardly ever happen so I have to take advantage when they do? 3) It is the club party and I'm excited about the doggie presents? (and human food?) 4) I entered 2 dogs in 2 runs each day in agility and 1 dog in 2 runs each day in obedience (UDX) and 1 dog in 1 run a day for obedience and that is a lot of money in entry fees? No, they don't know any of that, but you can be assured if they ask me to work, they will know!

One thing I bought online just now is for me! (and one for ffluffy- hope she doesn't read this blog much!) Mal Shirt
It is a t-shirt supporting Malinois Rescue, so the proceeds go to help homeless Malinois. I recommend it because it is the gift that gives twice! Once to the person who gets the shirt and the second time is the benefit to rescue. I also bought some Mal Rescue Calendars again this year, although both Pie and Dottie got picked for month pictures but then got the boot due to (alleged) picture quality issues. Yes, Dottie's had a problem but I do not believe Pie's did. Oh well- maybe next year.

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