Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Random Video!

I do not think it is quite on par with "Hero Dogs" or "Conserving Energy" but it isn't the worst video to ever take up space on Youtube. With the other 2 I had a plan first, then filmed. This one I just filmed the dogs then made a story to go along with the video clips I had. I use the word "story" loosely.

I had quite a bit of trouble putting this together because I forgot that the program that came with my laptop does not to the black and white old film look. So I had to use my desktop computer which is all hooked up, not not in a very accessible place. So I had to rearrange the table, then move the files using my camera card. Next, when I went to add the music, the speakers won't work! I did everything I could think of, but no luck. However, I am very familiar with the music so I cut it as I wanted it, then transferred the whole thing back to the laptop to test it with speakers. I had forgotten the music is actually a recording using my camera off the computer speakers with me giving an intro voice over first. That did not work. So I had to cut it approximately which lead to all kinds of other problems, and I didn't do one clip right the first time, but finally it all worked.

Why did I put so much work into such a cheesy video? I could have been training dogs (if it wasn't dark, cold, windy and I had a spot to do it.)