Friday, December 2, 2011

New Grass Day 11


There was some cheating because some grass had started to grow after we got rain but before I planted any. Perhaps it is annual rye grass and will die in the summer. But then my grass will be established so it won't matter. The greenest section is where the 2 sprinklers overlap, proving it takes lots of water to grow grass. Some of the green is clover, probably the bur kind that Fancy gets stuck in her coat. But it is green and not too pokey, so it is better than the goat's heads.

Close up of the shoots in the barest section.

Also, I caught my first gopher today. I took this picture before I knew if I had one or not. This is the second time I set the traps. I think the first time I set them I put them in a section the gophers have moved on from. I set 2 more traps but I don't know how many animals I'm dealing with.

Yes, I am anchoring the traps with a stick in the ground weave pole base and an old chewed leash. Use what you have.

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Older and Wiser said...

You are a woman of the soil and a mighty hunter!