Monday, December 19, 2011

Dottie's Frist CDX Attempt

Two weekends ago we attended the Valley Hills obedience and agility show. Dottie was entered in agility and open obedience and Pie was entered in agility and open B and utility B for an attempted UDX leg. It was not our weekend.

Pie QQed the first day in agility, but that was it. No one else Qed in anything for the rest of the weekend.

Dottie has been going under the table in agility (easy for a 22 inch dog and a 24 inch table) so I pulled her off in standard when she tried it again. I have been working it in practice. No problems there. It has been too long so I can't remember what happened in jumpers both days.

I had crazy conflicts all weekend, which is not surprising considering what I entered. Actually, it was a lot better than usual since they ran FAST first and I didn't enter that. I wisely did not enter Fancy, and since both Mals jump the same height, I only had to walk one course at a time.

Pie refused the down signal in utility both days. It is related to stress. She was fine in open the first day but I pulled from groups because she seemed to be uncomfortable sitting and the second day the judge NQed us on the drop on recall because she scooted forward too much when I walked away. Also related to the sit problem, I think.

Dottie did all of the individual exercises fine her first time in the ring. During the groups she scooted about 3 feet on both positions for an NQ. I addressed that for Sunday and no scooting. (Too bad all problems aren't fixed as quickly!) As we were returning on the long down on Sunday after passing everything up to then, but before I could see her, Dottie sat up! Darn! But both days she worked nicely with good attention so there were some definite positives.

I decorated my EZ Up to be festive. Our club held a small Christmas party where we brought gifts and the dogs picked their own gift. Dottie picked one I brought! Silly girl.

I see you are speechless with amazement at my superior decorating skills. I made Dottie wear the jingle collar again.

Pie picked the big wubba. Perfect! You can see the green Lufa already met Dottie. Dottie was the best present opener. She pounced and immediately began ripping. Can't wait for her to get to open presents on Christmas!

K's BSD was in agility and he earned his NAJ. His first agility title! And K's also!! He needs one more leg for his NA. I took a few pictures using my small camera, but these are the only 2 worth sharing.

D exiting the weaves.

Just blasted out of the chute and heading for the last jump.

I recycled my decorations onto my house. And made the dogs pose with the gifts they picked. Fancy was pouting.

Dottie abandons her small toy and investigates Pie's big one.

Pie holds her sit but also guards her toy. Dottie goes back to her original loot and Fancy asks, "Is that a bug, or am I so bored I'm making things up?"

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