Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Missy At the Dog Show

Some pictures from Missy's first dog show.  This was 2 days after she was placed with me.  What a trooper!  But in one way babies are easy.  Even if she didn't like it- what would she do about it?  I suppose she could cry and fuss and make me never want to go to another dog show, but I keep her fed and warm (or cool, depending on the weather,) and in a clean diaper, and entertained, so what isn't too like?  Luckily so far she agrees and we are both happy!

Lots of teething at the dog show!

Dottie supervises. 

Our set up.  Since then I've only brought 2 xpens instead of the three here.  Everyone has a little less room, but the load is a bit lighter for me to haul around.

Sleeping baby.

I guess packing up was taking too long and Missy and Fancy both passed out.

Muffin rides under the stroller.  He has to share with a lot of stuff.

She was actually smiling, I promise!

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