Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lots and Lots of Missy Picutres

Now that I'm catching up on my blogging, that means catching up on my pictures.

Got these blocks for free, but they needed washing.  Probably the most "fun" thing I've ever washed!

Soooo happy!

Soooo much teething!

Trying to get a family picture.

Pie gets the Pie Pet.

She was already standing when she came to my house.

She crawls very fast too.

Books are for eating.

Do different books have different flavors?

I love boy onesies with little skirts.  Very cute!

Another similar outfit.

From her 8 month birthday!  She had a diaper on.

Nana gives a hand because she would rather play with grass than pose for the picture.

Missy really liked this  ball, but based on Pie's expression you can guess what happened.

I see you!

I fed her toast and she liked it!

Sooo pretty!

More of the late ball.

Not to worry, many more pictures to follow!

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