Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dog Pictures

Of course I can't leave out the dog pictures, although sadly, there are less than usual.

I took this picture to submit to a "send us your best dog trick" online contest.  Too bad it is random drawing or we would have won for sure.  It was on an IPO website and most IPO trainers aren't too big on tricks.  The majority of the dogs were tugging, doing dock diving, or biting the "bad guy."  All which is training, not a trick.  Oh well.  Everyone who has seen it likes our photo- maybe it will inspire the IPO trainers to train some tricks.  Although really this is hardly a trick.  It is just "hold" which is a trained behavior, and a jumping, which is also training.  Fancy sitting up on a bucket is a trick though, so I'm good there.

And here are some random "loot" pictures from the past few shows that I can't remember if I posted them yet or not.

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