Thursday, September 5, 2013

Big Gir's First Dog Show

Figures it was a USDAA trial.  We were there ALL DAY.  The first day didn't go so well since she (of course) didn't want to stay in the stroller all day, and I could only carry her so much.  And when I'd put her down she'd run off.

The second day was better because I brought 3 x-pens and made an x-pen palace where we could all hang out.  She had her lunch in the stroller and napped there as well, but otherwise was loose to do whatever she wanted in the x-pen.  Boy, that is a lot of stuff to haul around though!
Eating a very yummy (I hope) lunch.
Playing in the x-pen palace.
Having a nap.

Playing with her sock.

This is what is needed to keep a 2 year old happy at a dog show.
Her second trial was on Easter and it was raining.  It was AKC so I hoped to be out quickly.  I didn't set everything up so I had a bit of a fussy toddler since she wanted to be out running around but I didn't let her.  The poor gate steward got stuck babysitting her while I packed the car back up.  The cover on the stroller wasn't doing enough to keep her dry so I parked her under the EZ up with the gate steward.  The agility community is so helpful when you need it!

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