Tuesday, September 3, 2013

City of Industry Labor Day Agility

Taking a quick break from the Big Bear recap...

This was a 4 day trial at City of Industry under the horse area.  I've written before that even though it is about an hour and a half from my house (only an hour and 10 min from the parents) I like trials here since you are always in the shade.  And good thing too.  It was so hot and humid this weekend (where did our dry heat go??) that if we had been anywhere else, without the all encompassing shade, I might have had to pull from the trial for heat safety concerns.  The other reason I like trialing here is Dottie seems to knock less bars.  I hear that is typical of trialing on dirt.

I entered the trial too late and only got in on Friday and Monday.  Dottie was entered both days and Pie on Friday and Fancy on Monday.  On Saturday and Sunday we had some Family Fun and errands.

This was the first weekend that Dottie qualified in EVERYTHING she ran in!!!  2 double qs and 3 first places and one third.  The third place was a horrible run with me late for everything, even my rear crosses.  As a consequence, poor Dottie didn't know where she was doing and wasted time and yardage going towards the wrong obstacles before I pulled her off and re-directed her by screeching at her. She was not happy but luckily did not hold it against me.

The first places were nice runs with no bars, good contacts, good collection when it was needed and nice extension when that was needed.  Dottie was so good!  Now we are up to QQ 15!! 

Pie sacrified one for the team and on the tricky jumpers course showed me I HAD to make the front for Dottie.  Since I didn't make it for Pie she took and off course into a tunnel.  It was a very intersting course that showed a lot of handlers that if you pull your dog off one side of the tunnel, they automatically think it must be the other side of the tunnel, when in reality it was a jump.  Intersting the things we accidentally train our dogs!  Sorry Pie but thank you for running recon for Dottie!  Pie was good (of course) in standard and got second.

Poor Fancy did no Q at all this weekend!  When is the last time that happened?  Did it ever happen?? In jumpers she went around the second jump.  It was probably a send but I didn't send.  And in standard she knocked a bar!  I guess Dottie stole Fancy's QQ so I do thank Fancy for that, because Dottie does need them.  Good girl Fancy!

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