Saturday, September 14, 2013

Good-bye Big Girl

The social worker called me and said they were moving BG to a new foster home.  She assured me I was doing a good job, but they wanted someone who would mentor the parents.  This caught me by surprise because in training they had told us if we didn't want to we didn't have to meet the parents at all.  Since I had said I didn't want to meet her parents, they decided to move her to someone who would not only meet them, but mentor them.  As much as I wanted BG to stay with me, I knew I was not a good choice for mentoring since she was the first child I've ever had.  I had her for 2 weeks and her parents had her for 2 years.  How could I mentor them?  And I also had no experience with their particular problem so overall I was totally unqualified as a mentor.

Poor girl- from her home to the group home to my home and then another foster home.  Not easy on a 2 year old.  This was right after April.  As far as I know she is still in foster care.  I can only hope she has a good life and her parents are able to do what they need to do to be good parents.

I didn't hear anything from the placement coordinator for a while after BG moved on.  I ended up calling them to make sure everything was ok.  They assured me it was, and that they'd call me when they needed me.

I got a call while I was in Big Bear for a 2 year old.  After BG, I was really hoping for an infant, so I let them know I was out of town and couldn't take the placement.  Then once I was back they called me for a 10 month old, one of 5 siblings.  I know a child in that situation is not very adoptable because they'd want to keep the siblings together and I can only have 1 child.  Plus, they wanted me to come right then and I was really busy that day at work, so I passed again.  Then they called me for ANOTHER 2 year old.  I was forced to  tell them I really wanted someone younger so they made a note to put me down for zero to one year old.  Which hopefully means 12 months, and not 23 months like BG was.  23 months, while technically 1 year old, should be spoken of as a 2 year old.

And then I was waiting again.... who would they call me for next?

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