Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dottie IPO 3 Club Member!

Taking a break from the "catch up" posts for this current post.  Sorry for the bold- it won't go away!

Dottie got her IPO 3 Club certificate in the mail! A dog and handler earns this when the owner trains and handles the dog from BH to IPO 3. Dottie was my first-ish IPO dog (trained Pie at the same time and she only went to IPO 1 because of her back and possibly that is as far as she would have went anyway, hard to say) and I'm very proud of both of us! I didn't have much to do with training her in protection (that is the helper who does all the work) but I was responsible for tracking and obedience, with the help of Karen. Couldn't have done it without her! Our 1 was at our home Club- Somis. Our 2 was at the SW Regional hosted by Southwest Working Dog Association and our 3 was at Anacapa Working Dog Association. We passed on our first try for each level. Someone posted recently that they hate when rescue dog owners pretend like they are better than everyone else for training a rescue dog. I've never felt that way but after reading that post it got me thinking that while every dog has challenges, maybe training a dog with an unknown pedigree does give you a little "street cred."

Maybe you can tell from the pic our scores in the retrieve were never very high- she'd rather be holding a sleeve!  For those not in the know- she should be holding the dumbell with a tigher grip and probably back in her mouth a little bit.  This grip would be points off.

Now I just have to get one of those cool jackets (can I get one with a Malinois?) and then I'll really be a member of the cool club!

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