Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunday Agility Runs

Fancy was entered on Saturday and was not filmed but earned a QQ.

On Sunday it was Pie's turn and she almost had a QQ but the last bar came down in Standard.  I don't think I slowed down or celebrated, so I think it was just one of those things.

Dottie earned QQ number 7!  This is a roll!  I hope we keep it up.  On Saturday it was much hotter and she had some weird refusal that I will blame on the heat.  It really made me realize that Dottie needs motion to keep her motivated.  If I am standing still, she won't have much speed.  And at the international class a few weeks ago, I saw if I am standing still and facing her, that is way too many "slow down" cues and slow down she will.  So when walking a course, I need to see how I can keep myself moving.

The rear crosses are also working out great for us.  I did 1 front in jumpers and the rest rear.  In standard I did more fronts, but they were late and caused wide turns and I'm just lucky the bars didn't come down.  I think Dottie and I do better with rears and I will not be afraid to rear, just because all the cool kids are doing fronts.

In our jumpers run on Sunday, be sure to listen to the comment at the end.  I call this the WOW run!  Dottie won this run, having the fastest time of any dog in 24, even the ones who NQed. She also beat the BC in 26 who is hoping for a spot on the World Team, but a small dog jumping 26 inches will take up more time just getting over the jumps.  The dog I was happy she was faster than is a very powerful and fast golden I really admire.  Usually he is faster than us, but every so often somehow we beat him, and today was one of those day.  Go Dottie!

Dottie's time was 24.90 in jumpers and Pie's time was 27.90.  Exactly 3 seconds difference- strange.  I wish I could do a video overlay to see where Dottie made up so much time.  Was it the weaves?  Was it when Pie almost went the wrong way over the triple, or was it just the burst of speed Dottie put on coming down the closing line?

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Blue said...

Nice runs. It is always best to do what works best for you, never mind what all the 'cool' people do.
I wish we were as good!