Monday, November 5, 2012


My father is out-blogging me, so I best get busy.  I was stood up on dinner plans (by my own mother! Sob!) but that allows me to get some blogging done.  PS- My mother will tell you it is my father's fault on the dinner plans, and I do believe her, but the fact is I was still- sob!- stood up.  Sniff.

First, my brother ran in, and finished his first marathon!  I believe he is the first of our family to attempt a marathon, unless my maternal grandfather ran in some.  I know he did lots of shorter races.  I am very proud of my brother for this big accomplishment!  Also very impressed.  I couldn't be there since I was working, but I stole this photo off of my dad's blog.  I think Brother looks very fresh for just finishing 26 miles!  I don't look this good after my mile and a half runs.  I will need to get some tips from him so I can improve my time and distance on short runs.

Next,  here is a cute picture of what Fancy would look like if she had prick ears.  And also of what Fancy looks like when she lays in odd positions.

And finally, no picture for this one, inspired by my brother's marathon and by the ridicule of my fellow Air National Guardsmen, I purchased a new pair of running shoes.  The nice man said based on my wear patterns, the shoes I've been using actually over corrected my pronation, and sold me a more neutral shoe.  I just want to get injured as least as possible, so I hope he knows what he is talking about.  I hope to go in next time before my shoes are such an embarrassment to be seen in.  He also told me to stop wearing the heel lifts (what I thought of as heel cushioning) because it can lead to shin splints.  So if you get shin splints, your heel rise to toe drop may be too great.  On the other hand, having a higher heel helps cut down on plantar fasciitis (which is why I was using it.)  But proper stretching works for that also.  So- wish me luck on the new shoes.

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