Monday, November 5, 2012

Dottie Lure Coursing Test

You can run... but you won't get far if Dottie is chasing you!
AKC has a new program for all dogs to participate in.  (A sentence should not end with a preposition, but that sentence does anyway.)  It is called a coursing ability test (CAT) and is for any breed of dog, not just sight hounds.  All the dogs run individually after a lure, which is a plastic bag.

Our club was holding a CAT last weekend.  I was at work, but asked JoAnn to take Dottie.  Dottie ran a really short, straight line course in the past and did it well, but this course was 600 yards (1/4 of a mile long) and has turns.  I wasn't sure how she'd do.

There are 2 runs a day and you need 3 legs to get a Coursing Ability title.  Dottie did not pass her first run.  She started off ok, but then spotted the judge in the middle of the field and went to visit.  I didn't realized Dottie was THAT friendly!  Probably she was getting board or thought it was too long and was looking for an excuse to quit.  The neat thing is the lure operator brings the lure back to reengage the dog, instead of just sending the dog away in shame, as would happen if your dog quit in obedience or agility.  When the lure came back, Dottie did finish, but the judge deamed it a non-passing run.

I hope that ear doesn't create too much drag.
Good form!

On her second run she thought about visiting again, but JoAnn yelled at her to "Go get it" and she did.  That run she passed so she has one leg towards her CA.  The photographer got some great pictures, of which I will be buying some!

Not pleased to be posing in this manner with her Q ribbon.

Dottie is much happier to be posing for this picture, which JoAnn took at the test.

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