Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cookies and Pictures

I am spending the evening baking some cookies for Thanksgiving.  My mom cooks up everything else, the least I can do is bring a tasty snack.  It almost doesn't count- I buy the stuff you scoop out of the tub.  I call it "heating up" cookies.  But in order to show I made an effort, I added MandM's.  The question was, is it better to add them at the very end, or more towards the middle, or maybe first thing?

The first batch I added them 2 minutes before the cookies were done.  This kept the M&M mostly intact, but also left them in danger of falling off with too much cookie movement.  I tried to squish them in, but only so much squishing could happen.

For the second batch I put them in before any baking happened.  This lead to a better cookie to candy cohesion, but also gave some candy coating bleeding.  I suppose the family will have to judge which tasted better.

For the last batch I left the M&Ms out and just went for plain chocolate chip.

Some of the agility pictures I ordered came, so I scanned them in order to share them.

This photo is from over a year ago.  Extra baby Dottie!

Fluffy Fancy.

Up and over.

And down the other side.  I think she missed this contact.

Pie weaves.  And barks.

Dottie gets low when she weaves.

Unfluffy and a little scraggly Fancy.

From the lure coursing trial.

Running fast!

Why would you run so fast for a baggie?

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Blue said...

Fantastic pictures. They all look as though they enjoy their agility as much as Finn does.