Sunday, November 11, 2012

MACH 3 Pie!

Pie earned her 60th Double Q yesterday at the Dog Agility Club of Ventura to earn her Mach 3.  While earning this QQ, she earned a first and a  second, and the second was to her "sister" Dottie.  Out of all the things Pie and I do together, agility is Pie's favorite.  Well, hiking and agility  probably tie.  In her jumper's run, she growled while heading into the tunnel, so I knew we were in for an exciting run!  I am so happy to be able to play agility with Pie- we have so much fun together.

The standard portion of Pie's run is here- 

 We almost took the off course tunnel, and we've been loosing a lot of Qs to missed contacts, so I was trying to be careful.  She totally blew me off on the A frame, though!  :)  If I ask Pie to slice a jump, she is more likely to knock the bar, so I was trying to give her nicer approaches to some of the lines.

Pie was only entered Saturday, but Dottie was entered both days.  For the first time in her agility career, Dottie earned a Double Double Q!  A double Q on Saturday and Sunday!  On Saturday the standard Q was her MX title.  She took first in three of those runs, and second once to Pie.  That is double Q number 5 and 6 for Dottie.  Dottie did not love agility from the get-go like Pie, but I think she manages to enjoy it now.  :)  Her runs from Sunday are here-

  Not a very pretty a frame contact, or call off from off course tunnel at the end, but we made it through clean, AND I didn't get stung by an insect like I did during Fancy's run.  (Ouch!)

Here is Pie's picture with the judge-

And here is all our "loot" from the weekend

I wish I hadn't messed up Fancy's jumper's run: it would have been extra nice to have all the dogs Q in all their runs.  But I'm not complaining about the great results we did have.

Pie now has 3 agility championships, the IPO 1, her UD, and a Novice Draft Dog title.  She's been to the AKC National Agility Championship and the Eukanuba Invitational for agility.  I'm really proud of her.

Pie waited in the shelter for 3 weeks before I picked her up.  I guess she was waiting especially for me.  She is my most special Pie.

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