Sunday, November 25, 2012

Skirball Center

This post will serve as proof that occasionally I venture into life outside of dogs.  My mom and I went to the Skirball Center   ( ) outside of Los Angeles to acquire some culture, and to determine if their exhibit about the founding of America would be a good field trip for her class of 5th graders.

The Founding of America exhibit had a lot of original documentation, written by the early leaders of our county.  I love to see actual artifacts, and not reproductions.  Very cool!  To think that the hand of George Washington or Benjamin Franklin, or even some unknown (except for his name as recorded in his signature) solider actually touched that paper is pretty cool!

No pictures allowed in that area.

One of the main permanent attractions is a Noah's Ark exhibit.  Lots of neat-o animals made out of recycled stuff, lots of  toys to play with and things to climb.  Maybe I was not the age group they were aiming for, but I liked it anyway!

Combs, spools of pink thread, archery bow...

More combs, shoe (the body of the vulture), egg beaters...

Lots and lots of keys.  And some pitch forks!

Mom makes it rain.

Turn the crank and these little animals get on the ark.

My first camel ride.

A very busy place.

I almost didn't fit.
I hope I don't get stuck up here!
Let me out!  The kids just kept coming up and I really did almost get stuck.

Everywhere you looked you saw something new.

Yikes!  Who let her on the ark?

Mom finds a friend.
Not part of the ark area, part of the history area.

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