Monday, November 5, 2012

And Again With the Moving

I believe I already mentioned this, but I am moving again.  I love the studio, and even more I love not having any money worries, but for reasons that I will reveal later, I am forced to move.  I couldn't find any place to live that is affordable and will take the dogs, and won't take me two hours to get to work!  Luckily, my old landlady came through again, and her current tenants are moving out just in time.  So I am heading back to the blue duplex that I've lived in twice before.  The only bad news is she has raised the rent $100.  Rents are up (as are housing prices) so it isn't unfair, just too bad for me.  I remember last time I moved back in Fancy and Pie remembered the place.  I wonder if Dottie will remember it this time too?

Soon to be "home sweet home"... again.
This picture is from the first time I moved in.  Sigh, Hello Buick!  You served me well.  I miss you (but only because you were paid off!)  Besides missing the paid off Buick, I know I will miss having a garage.  It is so nice to unload all of your agility stuff and not have to carry it around back to the shed.  I might see if I can get a shed somewhere in the front yard.  You can see if I have box under the window on the left, but it is terrible for spiders.  I don't like spiders in my car.  I would hope with a shed the spiders might be less. 

You know you've moved too many times when you have to account for all your moves on your 10 year periodic Security Clearance Reinvestigation, and since it is a re-investigation you only have to go back 7 years, and all of your previous residences STILL don't fit in the space provided!  

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