Monday, March 26, 2012

Very Short Walk

After the IPO trial we took a very short walk at Santa Rosa County park.  1/2 hr in and 1/2 hr out.  Even so, we got locked in the parking lot.  Good thing there is a park host, and he came and had pitty on us and let us out.  And he was nice about it too.

Park is dogs on leash only, much to Pie's dismay.  Actually, she did well up until the mule (with rider) over took us on the way back.  Then it was as if we were trying to walk behind a bunny that kept hopping right out of her reach.  I let the mule get out of sight, but she knew it was up there.  What is it with Pie and horses?  Doesn't she know she is named after a horse?

Bridge over the water treatment plant discharge.
Oak grove.
3 Dogs in a Tree.
Heading back.
Lots of posing.


Lexi said...

Really great pictures!

zeeFM said...

loving the THREE in a TREE =D