Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I was sick, so I haven't been blogging.  I started to feel sick on Thursday, then was definitely sick on Friday, was deathly ill all weekend, started to return to life Sunday night, was marginally better on Monday, definitely better yesterday, and almost cured today.  What a waste of a weekend to be sick.

We got some rain over the weekend and the agility show was canceled on Saturday.  It was back on for Sunday, so off I went, miserable.  Pie and Dottie both NQed in Standard.  Fancy was only entered Saturday, so she didn't get a turn.  Then Pie and Dottie both ran clean in jumpers, Dottie taking second and Pie fifth.  I'm not sure where Dottie gained time on Pie since Dottie's weaves are slow.  But with Pie's fused spine, her weaves are not what they once were.  Pie actually finished in the same time as Dottie, just seperated by 10ths of a second.  2-5th place were all 29 seconds, and then some change.

It is nice to no longer be a zombie.  I do still have an impressive (annoying) cough, but I don't think zombies cough much, so that is encouraging.  I've been sick twice now, in just a few months, and usually I go years without getting a bad cold or flu.

I took this picture on the way to work this morning.  My car doesn't normally look so much like a turtle.  

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