Friday, March 30, 2012

Made it to Reno

We are in Reno, NV for the AKC agility nationals.  Fancy is entered in preferred (jumps lower than usual, due to her increasing age and lack of speed for the regular class) and Pie is in the regular classes.  ffluffy is flying in tonight and is handling Pie.  I had 2 dogs, she didn't have any entered this year, seems like a good idea to me!  Pie and her will have lots of fun.

I drove up the 395.  It was very scenic.  We passed lots of mountains, a river, pine trees, cliffs, meadows, Mono Lake, Bodie- 13 miles off the freeway- a wetland, some horses with babies, lots of cows and more mountains. We went through some little towns, and also Carson City, the capitol of NV, which is also a little town.  I stopped to take some pictures along the way, so we didn't make very good time.  I brought along my big camera in hopes that I might get a chance to get some calendar submissions for next years Mal Rescue calendar and I think I got some!

As always, the dogs traveled great- it is easy to forget they are even in the car.  Except for Fancy, because she rides on the passenger seat and nudges my arm sometimes.

Now we are checked into the Motel 6 waiting for ffluffy's plane to arrive and pick her up.  I did not sign up for the warm up runs tomorrow morning, since we are signed up for the warm up run tomorrow afternoon.  My dogs only need so much warming up before Fancy would get bored and Pie's back could get tired.  Dottie is just along for the ride.  And added security.  I have one of those connecting doors- bolted, of course- but the neighbor decided to mess around with it, and Dottie was right there, growling!  Good girl!

I think Fancy is allergic to Reno.  She hasn't stopped scratching since we've arrived, and the blue carpet is covered in white Fancy hair.

Now the 2 older dogs are snoozing on the bed, and Dottie is laying on the floor, acting alert.  Probably hoping someone else tries to break in.
Starting off on Hwy 14.  Pretty boring.
Fancy is a good passenger.  Too bad she doesn't drive.

Re-created housing unit from WWII Japanese Internment Camp.
Lots of snow now!
Falling asleep on the job.
In a canyon.
Maybe my favorite.
New location- Dottie only.  I had to take it from this angle.
Or else you'd see the traffic and the fence. 
I was having trouble with exposure.
The snow gave me trouble with focus and exposure.  I had a lot of nice pictures that are out of focus.
Wish I had thrown a better stick for her!
Kill the pinecone!
Out of focus but I put it in since it shows how much fun she was having.
Funny picture.
After playing, Dottie always wants to roll around, and the snow didn't stop her.

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