Saturday, March 31, 2012

AKC Nationals, First "Official" Day

Yesterday was Time 2 Beat, a warm up run.  If you won T2B you could win your way into the Challanger's Round, then if you win Challanger's Round you get to go onto Finals, but we knew neither dog was fast enough to win T2B, so it was totally a true warm up/ practice run.

Pie ran great for ffluffy and Fancy ran fast but a bit wide for me- she almost had an off course.

The day was over pretty quickly.  We ate at Denny's (we also ate there yesterday after ffluffy got in late.)  I had the fried fish, a baked potato, broccoli, and a milk shake!  It was really good!

Today each dog had 2 runs.  Pie was up first in jumpers and she ran really nice.  Smooth and no bars.  ffluffy made all the front crosses look easy!

Fancy ran next in jumpers and she was so excited she growled at me in the weaves.  She has NEVER done that before.

Next Pie was up in Standard, and I had to walk Fancy's standard course at the same time that Pie was running.  I was running back and fourth, trying to see Pie, and making sure I didn't miss my walk through.  Pie was up in just a few dogs, and then it was my turn to walk!  It didn't help that Fancy's run was in ring 4, which is in a different building.  I walked my course twice (at a run) then ran into the other building to watch Pie.  I made it just in time.  Pie wasn't totally on her toes, and missed her weave entry.  :(  Too bad, but other than that, again it was a great run.

I had to wait forever for Fancy's run and while I was waiting, it started to snow!  It wasn't sticking, but it was coming down pretty good, and was very cold.  Brrr...

Finally it was Fancy's turn.  ffluffy had left to go meet her new puppy, so it wasn't filmed- but I did order the professional videos and will post them when I get them.

Fancy is running like she's never ran before, and..... she got Fourth Place in Standard!  Fancy was in the ribbons at a NATIONAL EVENT!  My fluffy Tibetan Terrier who once got 0 points in a jumpers run, ran so fast she beat some border collies and got 4th place!  The placements were BC, BC, BC, Fancy!!  Yes, it is the preferred class, so she is not running against the super fast border collies, but she is running against the same border collies that she never beat at 20 inches.  It is still a great accomplishment for us.

Right after our run, before I knew she had placed, I asked someone (hoping not to jinx myself by asking) how many dogs they are taking into the 16 inch P finals.  They are only taking 3 dogs.  That isn't very promising for Fancy.

But then when I went back to the hotel, and checked the results, I found out Fancy is in third place over all!  Wow!  It is too early to say anything, because if she doesn't run super fast and clean tomorrow the news will not be so happy, but as of right now she is in the finals.  But again, it is still anyone's game- don't forget how I blew it at the Invitational last year!

While waiting for the first runs of the day, I found some neat toys for the dogs.  They have no stuffing, dual squeakers, and the squeakers work even when punctured!  No stuffing is good for clean up!  The dogs went crazy squeaking and chewing.  I took them away after not too long.  I can only take so much squeaking in a motel room.

Our crating area.
Rings before Time to Beat on Friday.
Pie and ffluffy getting ready to run.
Tugging before running.
Pie toy.
Dottie chose to chew on the bed.
Pie removed the rattle first thing (round thing in foreground.)
Fancy got a little hedgehog.


Older and Wiser said...

Hurray for Fancy! We are in suspence, did she get a ribbon?

Urban canines said...

That is a great first day!