Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Parent's New Pup

I believe the current name is Kirby.  She is a rescue Aussie girl with a full tail.  Very cute and sweet.  She didn't try to bite me once, AND she slept most of the time I was there.  (Maybe she is sick, or maybe she just isn't a Malinois puppy.)  She is leaving the other dogs alone and did I mention she is very cuddly?

My niece has seen this picture and thinks Kirby is Molly's puppy.
Poor Roscoe.
How did the puppy end up next to Fancy??  But the puppy is so unobtrusive, that mean ol' Fancy didn't mind.

What is really cute about these pictures is how in all of them, the dogs who are not mine are looking off to the side.  That is because that is where their "mom" was, trying to help pose the pup.  But the pup doesn't know her yet, so wasn't staring so adoringly.  Give her a few more weeks and I'll take another group shot to show her growth, and I bet she'll be looking off towards her "mom" also.

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zeeFM said...

welcome kirby, you cute little fluffball =)