Friday, March 9, 2012

After Work Beach Trip

We've been having some hot weather, then some cold weather, almost always windy weather, and then nice weather.  Today was a very nice day.  After work, I took the dogs to the beach on base.  I've only been there once before.  I'm sure dogs are not supposed to be off leash, and I don't like to break rules on base.  But I risked it with no ill effects.  I didn't have a real camera, so I used my phone, hence the poor picture quality.

Throw the ball!


Fancy hogging the ball.
Pie relaxing, but only because I told her to.
Dottie looking pleased with herself.

Should I be concerned that they have plans to bury me?
Bad Malinois!  I guess Fancy should have been the concerned one!
It was a beautiful day!

As this post demonstrates, my computer is back from the fix it place.  I hope the viruses stay away in the future!

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