Sunday, March 25, 2012

IPO 3 Dottie

Yesterday (when it wasn't pouring rain as it is now) Dottie earned her IPO 3.  More details and pictures to follow, but for now I will note it was our best ever score in obedience and protection, although our lowest score in tracking.  88 in tracking, 89 in obedience, and 85 pronounced in protection.  I was particularly happy with her obedience.  Her focus was great.  Apparently she is incapable remaining in correct heel position AND having her ears up.  If she forages, the ears come up, otherwise they stay back.  The judge judged the ears being back as "she should be more attentive."  But when they are up, then she is about a body length too far ahead and I get judged, "Dog is not in correct position."  I like the ears up, but the foraging is a bit out of control.  So we re-addressed heel position and she did well staying in it (albeit with her ears back.)

She was a good girl, and now she is IPO 3, and she is still 2 years old!  Since I trained her myself, and handled her myself, from a BH to IPO 3, we are now a member of the IPO 3 "Club."  Look for our name in an upcoming issue of the SchH USA magazine.

Here are just a few pictures.

Ears up a bit, foraging a bit.

I think the IPO 3 dumbbell is as big as she is.
Over the 1 meter hurdle.

More nice ears up (but wrong body position) heeling.
Running blind number 2.
Heading to blind number 3.
Escape bite.
Coming in for the long bite, aka courage test.  Notice it is a different helper.  In level 3, you work with 2 different helpers.

Taking a bite on the courage test.

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