Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tracking Update a 283,891

Well, not quite, but it feels like it. I don't have a blow by blow account of our successes and failures this time (I heard those muttered prayers of thanks).

I've been having trouble mustering up the enthusiasm to go tracking at lunch this past week. Instead once I went after work at a park, then once at a different park, once I skipped, once I did dirt after work (today) and tomorrow more dirt after work. Seems like just like any other dog training if you do too much the dog will start to dislike it, so I was reminded it might be good to skip once in a while. Which went well with my beginnings of burn out. Tracking 3 dogs 5 times a week and changing clothes to do it can lead to less enthusiam on the part of the trainer as time goes on...

I think Pie and Fancy might be having trouble on corners which is odd because that is all I do! And maybe they have trouble going on long straight aways also! Short straightaways with lots of corners makes them think, but long straights with no corners like in the trial makes them bored, or lazy, or forgetful or something and they go off the side of the straight, or keep tracking straight after the corner. Dottie did well on pretty much everything. Fancy was given the compliment of noting that even though she got into difficulty, she never quit. Pie's comment for the day is she was on track but got off it when my line got tangled at the beginning (she thought the quick tug on the line meant she was wrong) so that was good training for me.

Tracking- if it was easy they would call it agility. (Oooo- dis! And this from the trainer/ handler of the dog who doesn't even have ONE Ex A standard leg. So mostly I'm just repeating something mean I heard said. Actually the original quote was- Obedience- if it was easy they would call it agility.)

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