Monday, September 5, 2011

3 Day Labor Day Weekend Trial

Our loot from the weekend.

This is our last agility trial until October. 3 Days at City of Industry under a large horse arena. It is nice to be under cover and out of the sun, although the temperature was MUCH cooler than last weekend. Again out of character, it was humid today. So much for a "dry heat."

Dottie was entered 3 days, Pie 2 and Fancy 1. Dottie had some nice runs where I messed her up. (ex- serpentine, gave her the "serp" arm and said come but not over. She came, she just didn't take the jump. And another run when I didn't indicate the last jump after being clean otherwise. And yet another one where I set her up on a terrible line and she couldn't see the teeter. Darn.) She is a young dog and needs all the help she can get. So when I don't hold up my end it is no surprise we don't Q. I don't know what my excuse it- it isn't as if I'm new at this game.

The happy news is we actually did get some Qs also! Our first Ex A Standard Q and our second and third Qs towards our MXJ. One second place and also a class win, over 35 other dogs! Nice.

Pie ran in Novice P then moved up to Open P. She had a great time, barking excitedly. She just wished she had been entered on Sunday. Pie won every class she was entered in, but P was not competitive at this trial. She was the only dog in the class some of the time.

Fancy ran great. Her break did wonders for her, as I knew it would. She won 16 inch P Jumpers, and there were other dogs entered. A golden and an Aussie, both who used to be in 20 inch regular with her. The aussie did not Q- a bar, I think- but she had a faster time than him anyway. So even if he had Qed, she still would have won. Winning is a big deal when it comes to Fancy, because it isn't very often that it happens! I got her run on video. Check out the weaves. Going so fast she crashes the third pole, but bounces back and keeps going. What a great girl.

Fancy's run.

One of Dottie's runs. She got the weave entry despite me, and too bad I didn't tell her to take that jump in the serpentine before the teeter!

That is our weekend wrap up- tried to keep it short. We'll pick back up in October with some local trials. I'm done with getting up before dawn, driving over an hour, sitting around all day, then fighting traffic on the way home. After a break, I'll probably be back in the mood, but for now, I want to sleep in, drive no more than 1/2 hr and not deal with traffic. Otherwise, it isn't fun.

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