Sunday, September 25, 2011

First Schutzhund Trial!!

A "blow by blow" account will no doubt follow, but for now, the photo below sums up my feelings!

Fancy got an 88 for her Tracking 1 (TR1) title. The photo is after her track and she had a nice deep nose and the dirt made her beard all muddy.

Pie got 94 in tracking, 91 in obedience, and 80 in protection for a total of 265 and her SchH1 title!

Dottie got 96 (!) in tracking, 80 in obedience and 81 in protection with a pronounced rating for a total of 257 and her SchH1 title!

My very first tracking titles and very first SchH titles. Phew- that is a lot of work!

My Mom, Dad AND elder younger brother all came out to support us. That means a lot to me. Hope it wasn't too boring for them.

What good dogs and great family I have. I am so lucky.


Older and Wiser said...

It was great fun seeing your crew do their stuff so well. I wondered who was going to get the protective sleeve from the rather large dog if he didn't want to give it up! It was a great time and the lunch was good too! Thanks for inviting us.

Urban canines said...

Congratulations!!!!! To get one Sch1 is a major accomplishment but to trail and title three dogs in one day is amazing!!!