Sunday, September 4, 2011

September 5th, 2001

I can't believe it was 10 years ago today I left for Air Force Basic Training at Lackland AFB, TX. My dad walked me to the terminal and waved from the window as the plane taxied away. I was in Basic on Sep 11 and many things changed besides walking your family members to the terminal to say goodby.

Where does the time go and how does our world change so quickly? On a lighter note, when I was in basic we stood in line to use "pay phones" for our limited calls we were allowed to place. Now the trainees are allowed to use their cell phones. Apparently some trainees have been smuggling in extra phone use time and taking videos which have been showing up on YouTube.

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Older and Wiser said...

I remember that day very well. It was hard to see you go but all has turned out ok. When I went to basic training in 1975 we had one call when we arrived. We were lined up and had about 3 minutes to speak. My father answered and I said "Dad, I think I made a big mistake!" He told me to stick with it and all would be ok and it was.