Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Practice Photos

Thanks for the suggestions and comments on how to take better pictures. I've read them but have not looked at the camera's manual yet to figure out HOW to change the aperture and f-stop and such. But that didn't stop me from practicing more. I promise I will read up and start practicing for real by fiddling around and changing settings to see what gives me the best results. But until then here are more practice shots.

Yes, I took some into the sun instead of the sun at my back, but the background was prettier the wrong way. However, I can see the ones taken the correct way turned out better!

Taken with the sun at my back. Turned out better than the others.

Also with the sun at my back.

The rest are taken into the sun.

I like this one.

I took these pictures for a discussion on Belgian structure. I've learned some and after looking at Pie's picture, thought she might have a good "front." Someone suggested her upper arm might be short but it is always hard to tell without actually touching the dog. I think she has a nice chest.

Dottie, as anyone who knows a tiny bit can tell, is a structural mess. But she has grown up a tiny bit and now she can at least stand square, without putting her leg in odd looking positions.


ra husky said...

Those are some fab action shots!!!!


Older and Wiser said...

Great pictuers and beautiful dogs! Are they from your new camera?