Sunday, September 18, 2011

Almost There!

Next Sunday, one week from today, is our first SchH trial. I'm excited. We had a good practice today. Tracked in the morning. I couldn't use the dirt field I planned on using, but by good luck found another one. However, it wasn't as ideal as I first thought. I couldn't see my track, but the dogs found it. Pie also found an article that fell out of my pocket accidentally! Then she tracked over top of and did not indicate her first real article. Dottie also ignored her first article. What? Fancy tracks slower than slow, but got to her first article, then couldn't find the last turn.

Both Mals did fine in obedience. I had my camera out and a club member used it to take some pictures. Dottie's retrieves were not amazing but she mostly did them.

Protection was great! Pie's grips were full and stayed full. She did moan quite a bit on the drives. Dottie stayed under control without me relying on leash corrections. She also did a good long bite and did not fly off the sleeve, and a nice transport as well. If all this goodness continues and happens next Sunday, we should pass!

Love this heeling!!!!

More good heeling- the slow.

This is what I've been training her for, looks like it is coming together.

Nice quick pick up.

Pie is such an attractive dog.

Pie on the wall.

Pie presents the dumbbell nicely.

A reward for Pie.

Dottie in the group.

Not forging too badly. At some points my hand was being brushed by her tail. Yikes.

Dottie heels a bit more.


Sit out of motion. I like her expression.

Dottie on the wall.

Clearing the 1 meter hurdle. Her grip on the dumbell is not ideal. She has been having conflicts with the retrieve and you can see it in her grip.

Presenting the dumbbell.


On the send away/ go out.

Long down while the other dog works. This picture must have been taken several minutes after she'd been laying there because at the beginning she was so hot from her obedience routine her tongue was curling.

Searching the blinds for the bad guy.

I love this picture! She is very small, but puts so much force into the game.

Heeling away to do it again.


Dottie preventing the escape.

Good grip Dottie!

After a bite, an out and a guard.

Coming in for the long bite. This is the one when you send them from far away. Also called the courage test because they bite while the bad guy is coming at them rather than running away.

Pie found the bad guy.

Escape bite.

To chomp.

Pie doing a short long bite/ courage test. We never practice this due to the possible stress on her back, but we did it today (short version) just to give her a clue what will happen next week.

"Taking a drive." This is when the bad guy pushes into the dog and hits them with the stick to see if they will give up and run off. No such luck for our bad guy!

Another drive.

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