Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Walking in LA

The song says no one (or is it "nobody") walks in LA, but whoever wrote the song hasn't met our family.  For what it is worth, we hardly did any walking, but sadly, Sister was sick, so the walking we did was plenty.  This was Christmas week when Sister was still here.  She has long since departed for her residence on the east coast, but I am just getting around to blogging about it now.

We took the train to downtown LA to sight see and visit oldest younger Bro at his place of employment.

All photos are taken by my tablet, so the quality isn't amazing.

Train riding.

Niece posing for Mommy's camera on the freeway overpass.

Thrilling view of the 101 freeway.

Impressive downtown building.

Walking.  In LA.

Heading towards City Hall.  That tall building on the right.

I give a "speech" in the room at the top of City Hall.

Pretty ceiling in city hall.

The intrepid LA Walkers, minus me.

Niece also gives a "speech."

The vies from the top of City Hall are worth the trip.

The tall redish building is Bro's office.

Tiny Hollywood Sign and Griffith Observatory.

Dad in Bro's office.  What a great view!  Jealous of his window.

Niece in front of Japanese American War Memorial. Some of her relative's units are listed.

Heading back to Union Station, the day is done.

As always when I'm with my family, it was a great day and a great trip.

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