Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dottie VST Training

Now that we passed the TDX, VST is next on our list.  Today I laid a track about 3 and a half hours old at a business center next to the freeway.  We started off on grass.  The track went along the top of a berm and between trees, also on mulch.  She had a little trouble.  This part wasn't on film because it was just too long.  I think the trouble came with the wind from the freeway and the top of the berm.  It wan't terrible, she just did a lot of checking.

She crossed the roads nicely and picked up the track again well on the grass.  The rest is on video and pretty much speaks for himself.  The track ended between 3 buildings and I had to cross back over my track to get out.  That caused her a little trouble, but it is good training.

There is a VST in March the week before AKC Nationals up north, outside of Sacramento.  I am sending in my entry.  I hope I get in!  Training will continue.  K has reminded me to only work on 1 thing at a time.  Today I worked on turns on the hard surface.  Next time I will go to a park and work on highly contaminated short grass.  That always gives Dottie trouble.

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