Monday, January 21, 2013

Tracking Tests!

I got into not one, but TWO TDXs!!  The first one is next weekend, up in Sacramento, the same location Dottie passed her TD.  The second one is a lot closer, only 1.5 hrs vs. the 6 plus hours to Sacramento.  It is in Chino at the Prado Dog Training Park, the same location of the lure coursing a few weekends ago.

I would have prefered to not drive to Sacramento again, but I will not pass up the opportunity for a test.  If we do not pass on our first try, we have a second try just one week later.

These past weeks have been very warm, extra dry and windy with the horrible Santa Anna's.  Yuck.  It does not make for easy tracking.  I just checked the weather in Sacramento and they are expecting rain this week, and no temps over 60 degrees.  Yay!  Sounds like nice conditions.

The only thing that has me worried for the test is the cross tracks.  Dottie didn't fall for them during her FH, but K lay me a track last week and got her daughter to lay me a cross track, and Dottie checked it out.  I don't know how far down it she would have went, because K had me correct her.  I'm planning to lay tracks at lunch all this week and run them after work, so I will lay my own cross tracks, as I did before the FH also.  If she can ignore the same scent, just aged different, she should be able to ignore different scents also aged different.

Wish us luck!

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