Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas 2012!

Posing with my dogs.  Dottie wanted a stomach pat.
Christmas 2012 was made great since my sister and niece were here from the other side of the country!  Christmas is for family and ours was all together.  We had good times, good food and good presents!
Posing with the parent's dogs.  Kerby wasn't too keen.

I love how Muffin is framed by Pie's ears.

The boys pet the dogs.  And there is no room for Laura on the couch.

My Godchild and I!

Fancy gets a tummy pet.

Fancy pat.

She loved Muffin and Muffin loved the pets.

My sister and I as seen by Niece.

Before Church pictures.  Fashionable girls.

The men minus Oldest Bro who hadn't arrived yet.

The girls.

The kids.

The whole family!

Christmas Morning- let the unwrapping begin!

She was very excited.

Out of order pic, back at Church.

Christmas morning was too early for Dad.  My new jumps.

What is Sister getting?? Niece looks on.

A great morning.

Mom opens presents.

Sister and Niece have to say goodby. :(

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