Monday, January 14, 2013

Fancy: The Good and the Bad

The good: She filled in as the extra dog in a BH this past weekend.  For those unfamiliar, the BH is like a high level CGC in the Schutzhund sport. Fancy already has her BH, but another dog in our club was testing for his, and you always need at least 2 dogs. One dog does all the heeling and the sit and down in motion and recall, while the other dog does a long down. Sort of like the honor in rally. So Fancy and I volunteered to help out. She hasn't done obedience training since her BH 3 years ago, but she didn't forget anything!  I did practice with her the day before, but that is it.  Here is a picture from the on leash heeling.

The bad:  While tracking with Dottie today, Fancy was waiting in the car, and broke into the left over chocolate chip cookies I had in the car to take to work and ate almost all of them, probably around 10.  She left some crumbs and 1 entire cookie.  I guess that proves Fancy's appetite does have a limit.  I removed the dog cookies from the car because I knew she'd get into those, but I forgot about the human cookies.  They were in a plastic container that were no match for her badness.  She appeared to have a bit of an upset tummy on the drive home, and I don't want her vomiting tonight, so I used salt to make her throw up.  Only it didn't work.  I didn't want to O.D. her on salt, so I gave up.  I'm making her sleep in the kitchen tonight.  I don't want to wake up to that vomit sound, only to be too late to do anything about it.  As everyone knows, chocolate is not good for dogs, but this was just a few small chips, not an entire bar or anything.

Good:  doing nice obedince work
Bad: eating massive amount of cookies and refusing to vomit
Yep, that's Fancy!

More on the rest of the trial later.

Ps- of all my dogs, it is Fancy who understands heel position the best.  Pie seems to think it is a general area, and Dottie believes it is her rear leg even with my leg.  At least in the AKC ring, this translates to correct position since she "lags" a little and ends up in the right spot!

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