Friday, January 18, 2013

SchH Club Trial

Last weekend was our SchH club trial.  We only had 2 dogs entered for IPO titles, but 5 dogs entered for RH titles, which is a Search Dog Suitability Test.  It involves basic obedience, some agility/ dexterity exercises, and a search.  Pie and Dottie were entered.  Fancy cannot participate since the obedience portion has gunshots and as she has gotten older she has gotten more sensitive.

We actually did the search portion first.  The dogs can do a basic track, a rubble search, or an area search.  We don't have a rubble pile big enough, and my dogs have already trialed in tracking, so we did the area search.  We had been training this last summer with Dottie.  At the end of the summer, I started training Pie also.  Pie only did about 2 searches last summer, while Dottie did maybe five.  The club has stopped training searches at weekday training nights since it has been dark and it isn't safe for people to climb through the orchard at night.  You could break your ankle.  The club held some Sunday day time training, but I couldn't make it due to agility.  I made it out to the training the day before the trial and we did a run away search with Pie.  That is the only type of seach she has done.  She gets to go watch the person run off, then she is sent to find them.

In the trial, the dog goes not get to watch the person leave.  So I took Pie out to the orchard and sent her to search, but she didn't realize what she was there for.  She ran off looking good, but then she started eating avacados!  Needless to say, she never found her victim and did not pass.  Too bad, but I wasn't disappointing since she just didn't have enough training.  With more training she should do fine since she does so nicely on the run aways.

Dottie's search was great!  She found her victim very quickly and barked nice and loudly until I found her and the victim.  Dottie saves the day!

I think Dottie got the highest search score of the day, but she might have tied with one of the other dogs.  All of the other dogs passed except Pie.  (insert sad trombone sound.)

In the obedience, besides the long down, and heeling on and off leash, the dog goes through a tunnel and stops on command, walks through a small pile of junk (unpleasant surface,) walks a plank, gets carried by the handler and passed off to another person, then does 3 jumps while staying in heel position.  Both Pie and Dottie did really nicely on all of these, except Dottie was really squirmy in the carry.  It was our helper carrying her and that was just a little too exciting for her.  She even knocked his hat off.  The judge said it was not very correct, but obviously it wasn't a temperament issue.  Pie and Dottie both got scores in the high 90s and a V (excellent) rating.  Nice!

After the trial we had a tasty lunch, and the trial helper (not our usual club helper who is injured) worked some dogs.  Dottie hasn't done anything since her IPO 3  trial in March, so I took advantage of a non-injured helper.  It seemed like Dottie hadn't forgotten anything!  She searched all 6 blinds, did good barking in the blind, a call out and an escape bite.  She was very good.  The helpers only comment was, "Wow, she's a light one."  Big difference between those big GSDs and little Dottie. :) 

Sitting on the unpleasant surface.

Carrying the gurfy dog.

Hand off and it is K's turn to carry.
Second jump for Pie, staying nice and close.
My dogs did so well staying close to me on the jumping!

I think this was the transition from fast to slow, hence the floppy arm.

Pie doing some nice heeling.

And then wait.
Now it is Dottie's turn.  Again, good jumping.

Walking on the unpleasant surface.

Walking the plank.  Luckily there are no pirates involved.
Dottie was not too bad when I carried her.

But she was very squirmy for him!

Dottie came out and stopped dead.  Just as they like it.

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