Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Last Agility Trial of 2012, First Agility Trial of 2013!

After my sister flew home (sad) I had Sunday free, so I went to an agility trail.  I had all 3 dogs entered.  On Saturday it had rained all day, so I was glad I wasn't entered then.  However, we were still suffering the after effects since the ground was quite soggy and it was rather cold.  Much to my dismay, I discovered I forgot my chair, and I had to stand all day since the ground was too wet to sit on.  The order of the classes was different than usual (open ran before ex- now called Masters) so I was standing (literally) around waiting for some time. 

Fancy did not double Q because she knocked a bar in jumpers after running clean in standard.  Since Fancy NEVER knocks bars, I'm guessing she slipped on some of the mud or perhaps the shavings they had put down on top of the mud in an attempt to make it less slippy.

Pie did not double Q because I forgot to be stern on her dog walk contact, and although she made the contact, she came off so much faster than I expected, almost had an off course before the weaves, came back and made the weave entry, but couldn't "hang onto" it due to the now extreme angle and her fused spine.  If she had approached it as it was supposed to run, it would have been fine.  So, my fault for getting caught flat footed at the end of the dog walk.  That was a fun challenge.  It was dog walk to weaves but the weaves, dw, chute and the panel made a box and many dogs went off course to either the chute or the panel.  Fancy barely made it through.  Pie did Q in jumpers.

Dottie did not QQ because I attempted to get lateral distance from a jump and she pulled off with me.  I forget that Dottie will get out and stay out and will go ahead, but if I try to ditch her laterally, I'd better be very clear she is supposed to take the jump and not bail to come with me.  Darn.  She also Qed in jumpers.

It was a long, cold day with no spectacular results.  The most excitement we had was when a gopher wandered onto the course and was almost trampled by a Bernese Mnt. Dog who never even saw him.

The next day, Monday, I took off work since ffluffy was coming for the New Year's Eve trial.  She ended up not making it in time for the trial, although she did arrive later in the day.  Pie had a very nice QQ and Dottie did not Q at all.  :(  She knocked a bar on the serpentine coming into me.  Anytime she feels I'm in her way or our paths converge, a bar is likely to come down.  I forget what happened in the other run, but I do remember that she did her weaves correctly each time.  Fancy was not entered.

After ffluffy came, we had a very yummy dinner at Denny's then retired to our Motel 6 room, and did not stay up to great the new year.  However, the fireworks at midnight woke us up, so I was awake to welcome in 2013.  Funny story about the Motel 6.  After checking into our first room, we had to request a different room because one of the beds was defective.  It was as if the springs were missing from a large area of the mattress.  I would have been sucked in never to be seen again.  It was a large depression on one side, but not the entire side.  We were given a new room with minimal fuss. 

Fancy and Muffin approve of this bed.

The next day Dottie had a great standard run for a second place, but we messed up jumpers.  Here is the video for standard.

We had a nice turn on the 180.  If I can speed her weaves up a little more, I think we could have more first places.  I was really happy with this run.

Pie ran past a jump in standard (the one before the teeter, I think with my front cross she just didn't see it) then jumped off the table early, then didn't stick the weave entry.  I'm not taking the time to post the video of that run, but it is noteworthy in that you can see her breath in almost the entire thing!  You can also see how much fun she is having.  :)

Once again Fancy wasn't entered.  Poor Fancy.

Now it is back to work for me tomorrow and I'm working this weekend.  No agility for a while- the following weekend is an IPO trial, then obedience again, then probably USDAA.  I'd like to focus on AKC and get Dottie more QQs, but sometimes other things get in the way.

Happy 2013 to everyone.  I hope 2013 is an amazingly good year for all my family and friends, and anyone who is reading this!

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