Monday, April 20, 2015

New Place

Dottie enjoying the deck. This table actually goes inside but had to be taken apart to get in the door.
My new place is an upstairs studio.  It has a full kitchen, a yard, and a downstairs storage area with washer and dryer hookups.  The studio is above the storage area so I have no one below me I have to worry about being too loud for.  I do have a neighbor in the house below which is attached to the other side of the storage area.  So while they are close, I don't have any shared walls.  I put a patio table on the deck.  The studio has lots of windows which makes it nice and bright and lets in lots of cool breeze.  There is plenty of parking although no garage.  Which is sad for my motorcycle.  I bought a special enclosure called a CycleShell that should arrive soon.  I had to enhance the path to make it easier to  get the motorcycle in and out of the yard (that is a separate post.)  I also had to fence the yard, but that is also done now (another separate post.)

Of course the studio is small, but the storage area makes it do-able.  Not only did I put my stuff from the garage in there, but also my book cases, which didn't fit upstaris.  Everything else fits great.  My couch and TV, the table in the picture above, one dog crate, my bed and my dresser.  That's all I need and it all fits!

The kitchen is a separate room and there is a small hallway between the front door and the living section.  The bathroom is off the hallway.  There is even a linen closet in the hallway (plus an ok sized closet in the living area.)  When I leave for the day, I lock the dogs in the kitchen and hallway, and they also have access to the bathroom if they feel like they need more room.  I'd like to let them have access to the couch, but I think I wouldn't be able to keep them off the bed.  I don't want them on the bed when I'm not around.

I've been here just over a month and I'm very pleased.  The only thing I would change is the stairs.  Well, if I'm being picky I'd include a garage.  And less nosey neighbors. But they are friendly nosy (she admitted to being nosy) and not "tattle to the landlord" nosey,so that's ok.  Stay tuned for further adventures in Camarillo!

I used a panoramic feature on my phone to take this.  I was siting on the opposite side of the couch from Dottie.

First Toppers in the new place!  Eating on the deck with my Craigslist patio furniture.

Storage area before organization.

Pie and Dottie watch me do something.  I don't remember what.  The stairs are not my favorite.
The yard before I fenced it.  The xpen was a temporary fence.
Storage area after unpacking and organization.  Eventually the clothes will come out of the bags.

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