Monday, April 20, 2015

Moving Day

I'm all moved in and I even organized my storage area.

These pictures are from moving day.  The move didn't go very well.  I didn't want to move all my little things first like I usually do.  So all these little boxes in the first picture (below) were waiting for the movers- who never showed up.  I found them on Criagslist.  Nice cheap price and they bring the truck and all the tools.  When I moved in to Santa Paula I used a mover I found on Craigslist and they showed up as promised.  Not so lucky the second time.  The guy called me saying he was running late with truck troubles.  Then I never heard back from him.  I called and texted and got a few responses that he was still working on it then he stopped replying.

When I was sure he had fallen through, I called a few more places but no one was available for same day service late in the day.  I gave in and scheduled Unique Movers for the next day.  Happily they showed up on time and did a good job.  They were a little more expensive, but the fact that they showed up made it worth it.
I ended up moving most of these boxes myself as I waited for the no show CL movers.  Ug.

Yay for movers who show up!

Unique Movers moved the big things.

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