Tuesday, April 7, 2015

National Old Dog Day

Actually, I think it was called National Senior Dog Day.  It sounds made up (and probably is!)  It was also few weeks back but oh well...here are my Old/Senior Dogs.

Fancy will be 12 this year!  I've had her since she was 2, so it will be 10 years.  Where does the time go??  And how could Fancy be 12?  Happily, she is aging very well and you'd never know she is 11. She has slowed down a little on hikes but that's it.

Muffin is 14!!  He was 11 when I got him and we lived a year at the studio, a year at the duplex, and a year in Santa Paula, so that adds up to 14 years.

Yay for old dogs!

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