Wednesday, April 29, 2015


From Dottie's instinct test, I knew she'd be good at herding.  She wasn't mean to the sheep and she wasn't too fast for them either.  Our only hold up was the cash needed for training.  Herding is not a cheap sport.  Now that I moved I have some cash to play with.  We've had 2 lessons so far and another tomorrow.  My plan is to do a lesson every other week because I don't have that much cash.  The trainer keeps telling me how well Dottie is doing and how nice of a dog she is.  You may think she's saying nice things to keep me coming, but I do know enough about herding to know that Dottie is already doing well.  Most dogs spend the first lessons running in circles around sheep.  The trainer already had Dottie coming to balance behind the sheep and walking up.  Here are some pictures from our first lesson.

Coming to balance for walking up.

Going one way...

Some frustration barking because she wants the sheep to go faster, but the trainer tells Dottie to slow down.

Then going the other way.

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